Cathy Allen

    This is really useful information for somebody who has filed Chapter 13 but needs to buy a house or a car. I remember back in the dark ages of Chapter 11 when we filed bankruptcy. People were offerering us credit as soon as it was over. My not-too-bright husband would jump on these things. I wasn’t bright either, and we both ended up getting more loans. A divorce and 12 years later, you know who got stuck with all those debts and who is STILL paying for them!! Oh dear. Sadly, I waited until I was sued before realizing there were options for people like me.
    It is so wonderful that people like you exist and everyone who reads your articles gets great advice before doing something stupid. 😀

    • Daddy Poorbucks

      Thanks Cathy. It’s actually a footprint to set yourself up successfully for life after completing a Chapter 13.

      When I filed, I was worried about life after bankruptcy and I knew that I had to do everything else I could to limit the damage to the filing… which is tremendously damaging in and of itself. Not only making all payments on time during the Chapter 13 repayment period, but now with tools like Experian Boost, you can actually start getting positive points early on and come out of the bankruptcy with a running start.


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